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“Vollertsen Consulting Group was secured to accomplish three (3) key responsibilities while we sourced a replacement for an unexpected void in a key financial leadership role. 

1. Lead the financial team while quickly assessing and analyzing scope and processes of the division’s responsibilities
2. Implement process changes relative to legacy practices and systems, providing improved management reporting allowing key decision makers timely & relevant information based on individual roles and needs. 
3. Analyze/evaluate personnel and review existing technology necessary to provide Key Client expected outcomes.

In addition to exceeding our expectations in these areas with the professionalism and tact necessary to excel in a temporary assignment, I was particularly impressed with the soft-skills demonstrated. We approached the partnership with full trust in confidential material and I could immediately see this trust was recognized. 

Some examples of tangibles delivered include:

• Automated “real-time” measurement tool that helped management support a 20% increase in period-over-period revenue growth in a new demand segment.
• Development of a multi-“theory” forecasting tool; the tool encompassed extrapolating prior year(s) trends, computing remainder of the year adjusted for X. This gave operations a foundation to predict an outlook for that point in time enabling management to efficiently assess risks and opportunities for the remainder of the year.

Simply, Gunther & Associate, LLC had an experience with Vollertsen Consulting and Mr. Vollertsen that materially exceeded our expectations. If you are considering Mr. Vollertsen for Financial Consulting Services and want to talk further, please contact me directly.”

- Bill G. / President

“Jaysen worked on a month-long project for us which involved recalculating our manufacturing cost rates and developing a monthly reporting system to measure our actual cost rates vs. our standard cost rates. Jaysen was able to quickly assess the project requirements, gather the necessary data and complete the project within the targeted time frame. 

Jaysen has highly advanced Excel skills which enabled him to quickly parse through, sort and make sense of our data. In addition, he was able to streamline and automate the monthly reporting to save me much needed time going forward. 

I highly recommend Jaysen for any data driven/data analysis projects.”

- Mike G. / CFO

“Thank you, again for everything you did to allow us to meet the deadline for the budget.  Somehow those words just don’t seem adequate.  I really enjoyed working with you and feeling like I was part of a team – which is something I haven’t felt in quite some time.  I was beginning to think that that type of work environment was a figment of my imagination – thank you for reminding me that there are good people out there who value the “team” mentality.”                                                                                                       

- Patricia W. / Accounting Manager

“Jaysen backfilled a position for over three months, while we were recruiting to fill the opening. He was able to immediately make a contribution to the organization by quickly establishing priorities and building relationships with our team. Jaysen was able to quickly learn our business and complete an analysis of quarterly results in a short timeframe. He utilized his strong excel skills to automate tasks and he was able to review processes and make recommendations for improvements. During this time Jaysen also assisted with monthly closing and the preparation of the Business Plan. Jaysen is a well-rounded financial professional, I highly recommend him.”

- Lynn P. / Director

“Jaysen is a proactive and tireless contributor who would make a great addition to any team or company. We worked together for over 5 years and he has always delivered on time marketing financial requests such as budgeting, profit and loss analysis and reporting. Jaysen impressed all of us with his quick and accurate reporting as well as his calm, professional demeanor in stressful times. I would highly recommend him for any position, as he naturally rises to the occasion”

- Mary C. / Marketing Manager

“Jaysen is an extremely talented finance professional with the ability to assist with a wide variety of financial and strategic tasks. Over the years we worked together he was the lead point of contact for marketing for any and all financial needs, managing a group of brands with retail sales over $100M. He is an outstanding leader with strong communication and relationship building skills, and was a critical trusted member of our team.”  

- Matt R. / Director

“Jaysen is a very intelligent manager with the ability to assess volumes of complex technical, financial and pricing information, and deliver clear and correct proposals and reports. He is very comfortable in working with SAP and other systems. Jaysen is an excellent leader with outstanding communications skills. The combination helps him build both trust and accountability. Finally, Jaysen is a hard worker, always focused on achieving or exceeding goals.”

- Mark W. / CMO